3 Holiday Gifts to Build Confidence in Your Readers & Writers

Gifts for readers and writers.jpg

The holidays are near and now is a fantastic time to think about gift ideas for bright, curious readers and writers. So, your friends at Writing with Design have come up with some suggestions for you!

First, there are plenty of gifts that any book-lover would enjoy, but what about something you can give that inspires that budding reader or writer as they continue to explore the written word? How can you help them build a little confidence along the way at the same time?

Here are some gift suggestions we have to nurture your young readers and writers who would love to know there are others who believe in them!

One-Year Membership to a Cultural Center or Arts Community

Most cities have arts or cultural centers that offer exclusive access and amenities to yearly members, including writer's groups, lectures, showcases, and exhibitions. Your young readers and writers may not even know all these activities happen all the time right and right in your own backyard! But through these events, they can feel like they're a part of a community they can visit anytime they wish. Break down the barrier between your young thinkers and a larger community of people who share their interests in large array of topics.

Create an Ebook of Their Own Writing

Whether they have a blog, published pieces, essays they're proud of, or creations they've shared with you or others, it's easier than it sounds to use online resources to create an ebook of their writing. It's a great way to let them know they're already writers and this can be the first of possibly many books they write. At Writing with Design, we love the idea of helping a writer take their first step toward publication!

Personalized Jewelry with Literary Quotes

Jewelry, whether it is earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, are a great reminder for a reader or writer that they can be proud to love books and authors. Find out who their favorite authors are and choose a quote from that author. You can then have it engraved on something your students can wear every day that keeps them close to their passion for reading and writing.

Are you ready to inspire that passion in your students? Writing with Design is created to support teachers in teaching the written word, but also to inspire motivation and confidence!