The Hand Doing the Correcting

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We have a saying here at Writing with Design. And it goes something like this:

“The hand doing the correcting is the brain doing the thinking.”

What do we mean exactly? Developing writers often need more than a list of notes and suggested revisions when they get back their first draft. At the same time, as a teacher, you don't want to spend your entire day poring over revisions.

After all, your classroom can more lively, productive, and genuinely satisfying. Rather than simply prescribing solutions (writing all over their writing), you have the power to let them critically discover all the possibilities.

Instead, take a more dynamic approach using tools like the ones from WWD that inspire your students. You’ll be encouraging them to explore ideas as part of the writing process as they organize, adapt, and grow their pieces from the ground up. This frees you up to coach them along the way, guiding them to stay on course and asking them interesting questions about what their thinking and writing.

With this encouragement, you’ll be cultivating independent writing skills and confidence, instead of just what’s required to “finish the assignment.”

And what about those tools from Writing with Design that can make this happen? Check out which possibilities will work best in your classroom!