3 Quick Ideas for Writing Sessions

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At Writing with Design, we wholeheartedly believe that there is almost never a bad time to ask your students to write something. From poetry to personal stories and essays to screenplays, when your students write every day, they’re getting something big.

And that’s valuable experience in exploring their skills, while building their confidence. But what do you do when you need quick ideas for those daily writing sessions? Just turn to your friends at Writing with Design!

Use a Crazy, Wacky Holiday

There’s a wacky holiday for just about every day of the year. And 9 times out of 10, students love to write about them, because many of them are so amusing.

Ask them to Explore a Current Event

While you might be hesitant to have your students explore controversial issues, they likely are very tuned into current events. Sometimes more so than adults! And by asking them to explore recent developments, you’re merely asking them to open up their minds, instead of issuing final opinions.

Describe One Change They’d Make

For this one, all you’ll need to do is choose just about anything that your students might show interest in. And since there’s always something that can be changed to improve a situation, organization, or process, they’ll have plenty to write about.