#whyiwrite for the National Day on Writing

#whyiwrite - Writing with Design.PNG

On Oct. 20th, you’re invited to celebrate the National Day on Writing, a day founded on prompting writing and literacy. And for the #whyiwrite campaign, your students have the chance to share their stories, as well as what’s important to them.

What is #whyiwrite?

For 9 years, the National Council of Teachers of English has prompted #whyiwrite. With this campaign comes resources, podcasts, and more. But as we’ve seen before, getting students to write about… writing is a wonderful way to engage them into seeing the big perspective.

What do I need to do?

Head over to the #whyiwrite website and take a look at everything that’s right at your fingertips! And then, once you have what you need, ask your students why they write and what’s important to them in their writing. It’s that simple!