Tips for Helping Students Find Their Writing Purpose

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Last week, we saw how vital it can be to include your mission in your writing class. And when you really think about it, how you model your purpose when it comes to learning and writing can have a huge impact on your students. Of course, sharing your own writing purpose with them is an exceptional first step. It shows them that you're thinking about the very act of writing itself, right alongside with them. But what are some other tips for helping them find their writing purpose? We're so glad you asked!  

Regularly share your own writing with them

It may sound simple, but it can help them see how your purpose permeates into your writing and how seriously you take the importance of putting your purpose in action. 

Ask them what's important to them with each piece

Asking questions designed to tease out their writing priorities, as well as what's important to them in their lives is a fine way of guiding them toward discovery. 

Give them a writing prompt about... writing!

The act of writing is a deeply personal and complex art. Providing your students with a prompt the encourages them to explore that art and their purpose in doing it can be inspiring and confidence building.