4 More Ways to Encourage Diverse Writing in Your Class

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Last week, we highlighted the importance of diverse writing in your classroom. And because we feel so passionately about this topic, we wanted to give you a few more tips! With these, you’ll be able to encourage multi-genre writing that allows your students to explore their experiences together.

Create pen names for your students

Sometimes, a student or two might be a little hesitatant to try a new form of writing. After all, if they’ve never written poetry before, for example, they may feel intimated. But giving them pen names allows them to leave all that behind without worry.

Ask them to write from another student’s point of view

By writing from the point of view of another student, your young writers gain valuable insight into diversity. This world-expanding approach is simple, yet with so much potential.

Explore issues related to different cultures and time periods

Using prompts that delve into world culture and history can help students in a big way. First, they see how beliefs have developed over millennia, as well as seeing the ties that bind us together. Still, at the same time, they also get to escape to any place and any time they’ve ever wanted to go to.

Add WWD #edtech to your classroom

By using Writing with Designs writing-focused #edtech in your classroom, you’re also encouraging diverse writing. From opinion writing to narrative writing, your students will be given unique prompts to get them started. Then, our expert scoring service uses easy-to-follow rubrics to help you know exactly what to hone in on to improve their writing. It couldn’t get any better!

But we want to hear from you! How do you encourage diverse writing in your classroom!