Encouraging Diverse Writing in Your Classroom

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As an art form, writing has been more than just a classroom activity. In fact, when we give our students the power of writing, we give them an unimaginably dynamic gift. Over the millennia, writers of all ages have memorialized stories, tested the limits of language, scrutinized social issues, and inspired entire generations. It’s pretty clear that our classroom writing lessons are more than just assignments.

And in reality, encouraging our young writers to use their pens (or computers) to their full potential will benefit them throughout life. When we gear our classrooms to show all the possibilities, our students are able to see how diverse their writing can be.

Incorporating Different Literatures into Your Classroom

Whether you start your class with a poem from around the world or you have your students analyze characterization in anime, the effect is the same. By showing off the diversity of the written word all across the globe, we create an environment full of interesting examples.

Include Lessons that Highlight Experimenting

From spontaneous spoken word to the poetry of E.E.Cummings, language can be incredibly flexible. Even the genres of writing themselves are open to interpretation. Don’t be afraid to ask your students to experiment with their writing and to try new things. This way, they know it’s perfectly okay to break out of the mold!

Add Writing with Design to Your Classroom

Because WWD is a multi-genre program, students aren’t confined to just one writing type. When you add our award-winning materials to your writing class, your students will have a chance to become confident in several writing domains. At the same time, they’re encouraged to explore their writing voice and a style that fits their experiences.

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