WWD Tips & Tricks: Follow back, right from our software!

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WWD Tips & Tricks is our regular feature of pointers, ideas, & suggestions from your favorite education company! From our #edtech to our classroom materials, you’ll have everything you need to create adept, confident young writers in your classroom!

At Writing with Design, we’re always working hard to enhance our existing writing-related #edtech software. With the software, you’re able to use original writing prompts, plan your lessons, and get your students writing! And best of all, you have access to our writing scoring service along with our award-winning writing tools.

And this month, we’ve added a simple, but fun service. Now, located within the software, you can easily access the WWD Facebook and Twitter. Why is this so important? On our social media, we share a ton of resources and motivational content just for you. So, follow, like, and share with us!

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